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How we all got here...

Click Cora Mailes about Louis.


In 1994, my uncle, Loren, and aunt, Eunice, with the assistance of my cousins, Sharon and Julie, collected information from the family and put together a family book. This was no small task since Loren (#12) is the youngest child of Louis and Cora. Louis and Cora had twelve children. You may wonder why I have not included a last name. It was not included because we didn’t know Grandpa’s last name. My aunt Laveta (#4) wrote a history of Grandpa. Based on what was passed down through verbal history, Grandpa’s name was Alois Mitchak or Michak. After receiving a copy of the family book, I became more interested in finding information on Grandpa and his ancestors. Loren shared his research information and for the past 13 years I have been searching for additional details about the life of Louis and his parents.


Since the verbal history said that Louis ran away from his father and uncle in Kansas City, Missouri in 1884 and was eventually taken in by Alexander and Martha Mailes in Clay County, Missouri, that is where I started my search. I found Alexander had worked for the railroad in the southern part of Clay County just across the river from Kansas City. Alexander and Martha purchased land in Platte County, Missouri on March 1, 1883. Alexander’s brother was still living in the area close to the railroad tracks at the time that Alois would have crossed the river. It is my belief that he may have arranged for Alois (Louis) to live with Alexander and Martha Mailes.  Louis grew up in Platte County in an area called Hickory Grove from 1884 until August 1902. On August 4, 1902, A.H. Mailes purchased 80 acres of land in Newton County Mo. On September 23, 1902, A.H. Mailes sold his land in Platte County and moved to Newton County, Missouri. Isaac Grainger lived within a mile of where Alexander, Martha and Louis located. Isaac had a daughter, Cora. Louis and Cora were married on January 17, 1904. Louis was nearly 30 years old when he married Cora Alma Grainger. They had 12 children, 7 boys and 5 girls. Louis Mailes died on July 23, 1955, at the age of 81 years, 5 months, 21 days.


Special Notice: =============================

We located a son of Paul Micsak (Paul-born Feb 1, 1883) and had him complete a test from FamilyTree DNA.  We also arranged for the youngest son of Louis Mailes (Micsak) to complete the test from FamilyTree DNA. The test for both were for 37 markers. We have just received the results on the 37 markers. The first 25 markers are an exact match. On the remaining markers there is only a one-step mutation at marker 32 which creates a genetic distance of 1. According to FamilyTree DNA, "A 36/37 match between two men who share a common surname indicates a close genealogical match. Very few people achieve this close level of a match, and it is within the range of most well established surname lineages in Western Europe". They continue to say, two individuals that match 36 of 37 markers are considered "Tightly Related".  With these results and the paper trail that we have established, we are certain that Paul Micsak and Louis Mailes aka Alois Micsak were brothers. 

The results of the test also shows individuals with the same specific first 12 markers would be found distributed in the Balkans and Eastern Europe, and extends further east with Salvic-speaking populations.


Alojsius Micsak
Louis Mailes

The Challenge

Louis spent 72 years wondering about his Mother and the rest of the family he left behind in Europe. He always said he would like to know if the rest of the family ever came to the U.S. He always described his Mother as a beautiful and very lovely person. It would have given him great satisfaction to have known about his Mother. In searching for the ancestors of Louis, the information that we had to work with was very limited. We believed that Louis’ father was John Mitchak; his mother’s name was Veronica; his uncle’s name was John Rataczak; they came to the U.S. in 1884 when Louis was 10; his mother and a younger brother were left behind, and he was from Bohemia,  Austria-Hungary. One of the main problems was we did not know for sure how to spell the names of his father or his uncle. We also understood a cousin about the age of Louis came with them. (We have recently found information which, if correct, is very sad. It appears Grandpa had a brother living in New York City and never knew he was there. The brother came to the U.S. in 1901.  See Information Below)


I searched government records, ship records, and a large number of historical records to locate some small piece of information. In November 2006, I had the opportunity to search the New York ship records again by computer through Ancestry.com. This time I only searched for the first name, Alois. On this search I found Alois Metsak who had arrived August 16, 1884 on the ship "Eider" which sailed from Bremen Germany .  His estimated birth year was 1876 which made him 8 years old, and his country of origin was Hungary. On the same ship there were a Johann Radick age 9, Stefen Musa age 24, and Johann Misozar, along with 5 additional men from the same village in Hungary (Rovne). In 2007, we returned to Salt Lake City to search the collection of genealogy records maintained at the LDS Family History Library. After reviewing the information from the ship records, one of the library specialists on Europe directed me to microfilm of records from the village of Velke Rovne, Slovensko. The information had been recorded by several priest over a number of years. There were three rolls; 2,065,941-Birth Records; 2,065,942-Marriage Records; and 2,065,943-Death Records.  The information in the records match much of the basic information that we have on Louis. (Alojsius Micsak) I have learned one very important fact about searching for a family member.  Don't get fixed on the exact spelling of a name.  For example, when I was reviewing the microfilm for my grandfather, his name was spelled at least two different ways in the same document.  (Micsak, Mitsak.... )

Descendants of Micsak

Generation No. 1
Children of MICSAK are:
     2. i. ANDREAS2 MICSAK.
     3. ii. VERONICA MICSAK.

Generation No. 2
2.  ANDREAS2 MICSAK (MICSAK1)  He married MARIA PODKRIVACSKY 03 Feb 1830 in Velke Rovne, Solvakia. 

4.   i. ANDREAS3 MICSAK, b. 14 Dec 1830, Velke Rovne, Slovakia.

     ii. JOANNES GEMELIC MICSAK, b. 13 Aug 1832, Velke Rovne, Slovakia; d. 13 Aug 1832, Velke Rovne, Slovakia.

    iii. JOSEPHUSES MICSAK, b. 13 Aug 1832, Velke Rovne, Slovakia; d. 13 Aug 1832, Velke Rovne, Slovakia.

5. iv. ANNA MICSAK, b. 20 Aug 1833, Velke Rovne, Slovakia.

     v. GEORGIUS MICSAK, b. 19 Jun 1840, Velke Rovne, Slovakia.

    vi. VERONA MICSAK, b. 13 Feb 1847, Velke Rovne, Slovakia.

      i. VERONICA3 BUHEORI, b. 25 Aug 1832.

Generation No. 3
4.  ANDREAS3 MICSAK (ANDREAS2, MICSAK1) was born 14 Dec 1830 in Velke Rovne, Slovakia.  He married CATHARINA KMECZIB.  She was born 1831, and died 09 Dec 1901 in Velke Rovne, Slovakia.

      i. MARIA4 MICSAK, b. 1845.

     ii. JORSEF MICSAK, b. Jan 1849.

6. iii. JOANNES MICSAK, b. 24 Dec 1853, Velke Rovne, Slovakia.

    iv. ANDREAS MICSAK, b. 19 Dec 1859.

5.  ANNA3 MICSAK (ANDREAS2, MICSAK1) was born 20 Aug 1833 in Velke Rovne, Slovakia.  She married JOSEPHUS RAYSDIK. 
      i. JOANNES4 RAYSDIK, b. 01 Feb 1855.

Generation No. 4
6.  JOANNES4 MICSAK (ANDREAS3, ANDREAS2, MICSAK1) was born 24 Dec 1853 in Velke Rovne, Slovakia.  He married VERONICA OVESIK, daughter of EMENICA OVESIK and VERONICA SASSAK.  She was born 18 Dec 1854 in Velke Rovne, Slovakia.

      i. ALOJSIUS5 MICSAK,(aka-Louis Mailes) b. 02 Feb 1874, Velke Rovne, Slovakia; d. 23 Jul 1955, Seneca, Newton County, Mo.

     ii. MARIA MICSAK, b. 22 Dec 1877, Velke Rovne, Slovakia; d. 05 May 1882, Velke Rovne, Slovakia.

    iii. JOANNES MICSAK, b. 11 Sep 1879, Velke Rovne, Slovakia.

    iv. PAULINA MICSAK, b. 11 Oct 1881, Velke Rovne, Slovakia; d. 30 Mar 1882, Velke Rovne, Slovakia.

     v. PAULUS MICSAK, b. 01 Feb 1883, Velke Rovne, Slovakia; d. 2 Aug 1956, Rochester, N.Y.

Cousin Shari found information that, I believe, shows one of Grandpa's brothers when he came to the U.S., as follows: 


"Alojsius Micsak's siblings. Paulus Micsak born 1 Feb 1883."


Shari found Paul Micsak:


WWI Draft Record for Monroe County, NY

Paul Micask

age 35

born 1 Feb 1883

naturalized citizen

wire worker

nearest relative: Paul Raysick in Newark, NJ


small build

hazel eyes

brown hair



1920 U.S. Census -NY-Monroe-Rochester Ward 8-Dist 88 p33/36

Rolidjak?, George age 45 Married Immigrated 1914 Slovak

Micak, Paul boarder age 36 Widow?

Immigrated 1902 Naturalized 1903 Slovak.



1921 Passport Application - applied for on May 1921


Paul Micsak born in Hungary on 2 Feb 1883 to John Micsak (listed as deceased). Emigrated to U.S., sailing from Bremen in Sep 1901 and resided 1901-1902 in Rochester, NY. Sailing to visit relatives and it appears visiting or en route to Czechoslovakia, France, and Switzerland.


Age 38


gray-blue eyes


brown hair

fair complexion


There is a picture on the application. The right side of the picture is very dark.



1921 New York Passenger Lists arriving from LeHavre, France on the S.S. France and arriving 11 Oct 1921 in NY

Micsak, Paul age 38

Zofie age 24

Pavel age 15 (listed as born 30 Dec 1906)**see below

Maria age 7



1930 -NY-Monroe Co-Rochester-Dist 147 page 82/118 in ancestry.com


Micsak, Paul age 47 M-at 23 born in Czech immigrated 1901 proprieter-wire lamp shade mfg.


Sophia wife age 33 born in Czech immigrated 1921

Mary Q? dau age 15 born Czech immigrated 1921

Pauline M. dau age 7 born in NY

John age 6 born in NY




Paul Micsak (Paul's son listed as Pavel-birth matches passenger list from above)

born 30 Dec 1906

died Dec 1959

SSN issued NY before 1951


Paul's nearest relative was a Paul Raysick (similar to Raysdik)" 



I found information that I believe places Grandpa's father and uncle in San Francisco in 1889 and 1890. Ancestry.com San Francisco, California Directories 1889-91. 


Name: John Racik

Location 1: 843 Mission

Location 2: r. 206 Third

Occupation: proptr, Vienna Wire Works

Year: 1890

City: San Francisco

State: CA


The source of the information is 1890 City Directory San Francisco, page 943.


Micsak, John, wire worker. John Racik, r. 206 Third.