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During 1981, a group of ladies from Seneca formed "The Seneca Historical Committee" to collect and preserve as much of the histroy of the area as possible and to make it available to the public. These ladies were: Venta Plummer, Hazel Hansen, Mary Alice Tourtillott and Virginia Brady Hoare.  Their first publication provides information on the first families of this area. I have used their information as a base for some of my research.  (Seneca, Missouri - Little Town on The Border, Vol I.,  The Seneca Historical Committee, Printed by: Crowder College Pringint Department - Neosho, Mo.)
I was able to confirm and add to some of the information about the families from the Seneca Area along with the remainder of Newton County, using the 1840, 1850 & 1860 U.S. Census, Military Records, Land Records, County Records as well as the Death Records from the Missouri Secretary of State. Many of the families moved between Newton and McDonald County, Mo. and Ottawa County, Oklahoma.  You will find an overlapping of family names in these areas.  If you are looking for information to prove you Ancestors, you can use this as a guide; however, you should confirm everything with official records. I will add more details as they become available from people like yourself or from additional research. I know there are a lot of individuals living in the area with connections with these families. Any corrections in information I have included on these pages or assistance you could provide concerning the early families of the area would be appreciated. Thank you.
Seneca, Missouri - Little Town on the Border 
First Settlers - Compiled by Haze Hansen
1833 - Seneca first settled by Andrew Sparlin, Jonathan Buzzard, Edward Sherer and John Spurgeon.
"pg.7 - A boy was born in Holmes County, Ohio on april 9, 1809 - a boy whose name was Edward Sherer.  Whe he was a young man, he met a girl who had come with her parents from Pennsylvania; and on March 25, 1830, he married Elizabeth Buzzard, oldest child of Captain Joanthan and Margery Buzzard.  Captain Jonathan Buzzard had served in the Black Hawk war of 1832 where he became a captain.  Captain Buzzard moved to Ohio where two of his sons were born.  A short time later, he and his family joined a group of other pioneers to press westward into a new land.  The group include Captain Jonathan Buzzard and his family, his oldest child, Elizabeth and her new husband, Edward Sherer; Andrew Sparlin and his wife, Elizabeth Spurgeon Sparlin; Abraham Spurgeon and his wife, Nancy.  They floated down the Ohio and Mississippi Rivers on homemade flatboats, then were towed up the Arkansas River by a little steamer.  The group made their way from Van Buren County, Arkansas overland to Missouri.  They reached the Seneca area in 1833, bringing a few household goods and implements with them.
1st Family = Buzzard
2nd Family = Sherer
3rd Family = Sparlin
4th Family = Gallemore
1st Family
1-Jonathan Buzzard
   2-Elizabeth Buzzard b. abt 1813 in Penn; d. Mar 9, 1898 in Seneca Mo
      +Edward Sherer b. abt 1811 in Holmes Co., Ohio; d. Dec 9, 1854 Newton Co., Mo.
       3-John P. Sherer b. Jul 11, 1835 Mo; d. Jul 18, 1912 in Seneca, Newton Co., Mo
       3-James E. Sherer b. Mo; d. Feb 1943
       3-Daniel Sherer b. May 29, 1838, Newton Co., Mo.; m. Sep 28, 1858 in Newton Co., Mo.;  Jun 24, 1915, Seneca, Newton Co., Mo.
          +Martha Spaulding
       3- Martin Sherer b. 1840 in Mo.
       3-Emeline Sherer b. 1842 in Mo.
       3-Sarah Sherer b. 1844 in Mo.
       3-Mary Sherer b. 1846 in Mo.
          +William C. Atkins married on Jul 6, 1865.
       3-Margaret Sherer b. 1848 in Mo.
   2-George Buzzard b. 1812 in Ohio.
       +Ellen Mary Shields b. 1824 in Tn.
      3-Jasper Buzzard b. 1840 in Mo.
         +Tennesse Gray
      3-Sarah Buzzard b. 1841 in Mo.
      3-Jonathan Buzzard b. 1844 in Mo.
      3-Daniel Buzzard b. 1844 in Mo.
      3-Andrew Jackson Buzzard b. 1849 in Mo.
      3-John Buzzard b. Sep 8, 1850 in Mo; d. Jan 17, 1924 in Racine, Newton Co., Mo. Buried Jan 19, 1924 in Burkhart Cemetery.
      3-Lafayette Buzzard b. 1853 in Mo.
      3- George Buzzard b. 1857 in Mo.
      3-Mary Buzzard b. 1859 in Mo.
   2-John Buzzard b. 1819 in Ohio.
      +Susanah Roberts b. 1818 in Tn.
      3-John Patton Buzzard b. Jan 1, 1857 in Mo.,; d. Jun 9, 1934 in Joplin, Jasper Co., Mo.; Buried Jun 9, 1934 in Sparlin Cemetery.
         +Frances Emily Gallemore d. Nov 10, 1937
      3-James Buzzard b. 1848 in Mo.
      3-Sarah J. Buzzard b. Jan 1859 in Mo.
      +Elizabeth Patton Albert b. Va.
      3-George Walter Buzzard b. Apr 14, 1862 in Seneca, Newton Co., Mo; d. Apr 20, 1932 in Seneca, Newton Co.,; buried Apr 21, 1932 in Buzzard Cemetery.
         +Lillian Ethel Welker b. Jun 29, 1871 in Seneca, Newton Co., Mo. d. Sep 21, 1955 in Seneca, Newton Co., Mo; buried Sep22, 1955 in Buzzard Cemetery
      +Jane Spurgeon
      3-Francis Marion Buzzard b. Jan 29, 1843 in Seneca, Newton Co., Mo.; d. Feb 10, 1922 in Seneca, Newton Co., Mo.; buried Feb 11, 1922 in Buzzard Cemetery.
         +Mary Anna Watson d. Feb 2, 1940.
      3-Aerial Buzzard b. 1850 in Mo.
      3-Elizabeth Buzzard b. 1846 in Mo.
   2-Margaret Buzzard
      +Abraham Testerman in 1837 in Barry County, Mo.
   2-Peter Buzzard d. 1889.
      +Nancy Ragan d. 1889.
      3-Martha Buzzard
         +John Owen
   2-Jonathan Buzzard b. 1828 in Ohio.
      +Rebecca Gilstrap b. 1834 in Indiana.
      3-Ann Buzzard
      3-Sarah Buzzard b. 1853 in Mo.
      3-Mary Buzzard b. 1844 in Mo.
      3-George Buzzard b. 1859 in Mo.
      3-John Buzzard b. Jun 28, 1878 in Mo.; d. Nov 13, 1926 in Neosho, Newton Co., Mo; buried on Nov 15, 1926 in I.O.O.F. Cemetery.
   2-Simon Buzzard b. 1825 in Ohio.
      +Eveline Testerman b. 1834 in Mo.
      3-William Franklin Buzzard b. Oct 3, 1852 in Newton Co., Mo; d. Aug 28, 1928 in Dayton, Newton Co., Mo; buried on Aug 30, 1928 in New Salem Cemetery.
       +Martha Jane Reding
      3-Sarah Buzzard b. 1855 in Mo.
      3-John S.R. Buzzard b. Sep 9, 1856 in Mo.; d. Nov 27, 1935 in Seneca, Newton Co., Mo; buried on Nov 29, 1935 in Belfast Cemetery, Neosho, Mo.
      +Sallie Caplinger d. Apr 8, 1939.
2nd Family
1-Edward Sherer b. abt 1811, Holmes Co., Ohio, d. Dec 9, 1854, Newton Co., Mo.
   +Elizabeth Buzzad b. abt 1813, Penn, m. Mar 25, 1830, Holmes Co., Ohio, d. Mar 9, 1898, at the home of son James, Seneca, Newton Co. Mo.
   2-John Pinckney Sherer b. Jul 11, 1835, Missouri, d. Jul 18, 1912, Seneca, Newton Co., Mo.
   2-Daniel Sherer b. May 29, 1838, Newton Co., Mo. d. Jun 24, 1915, Seneca, Newton Co., Mo.
     +Martha Spaulding b. Feb 20, 1842, Newton County, Mo, m. Sept 28, 1858, Newton Co., Mo, d. May 22, 1922, Seneca, Newton Co., Mo.
       3-Daniel Richard Sherer b. Mar 16, 1864, Springfield, Greene Co., Mo. d. Jan 7, 1936, Seneca, Newton Co., Mo.
         +Rosetta Graham
       3-Mary Sherer
         +William Cany
       3-John Edward Sherer
       3-Martha Eveline Sherer
       3-Henry Osborn Sherer b. Mar 26, 1873, Newton Co., Mo. d. Oct 7, 1954, Neosho, Newton Co., Mo.
         +Nellie Victoria Holcomb b. Sep 17, 1873, Mo., d. Feb 8, 1920, Seneca, Newton Co., Mo.
       3-Charles Dean Sherer
       3-Hiram Leo Sherer
       3-Joseph D. Sherer
       3-Gus Leroy Sherer
       3-Fred Normer Sherer
   2-Martin Sherer b. Nov 7, 1840, Mo.
   2-Emeline Sherer b. abt 1842, Mo.
     +Nathaniel S. Sellers
   2-Sarah Sherer b. abt 1844, Mo.
     +Silas R. Sellers
   2-Mary Sherer b. abt 1848, Mo.
     +William C. Atkins, m. Jul. 6, 1865
   2-Margaret Sherer b. abt 1848, Mo.
   2-James E. Sherer b. Sep. 20, 1852, Mo. d. Feb 1943
     +Millie Alvey, m. Sep 29, 1879      
3rd Family
1 Andrew Sparlin; b 8 Feb 1805 in Holmes County, OH: d 19 Mar 1883 in Newton County, MO.
   +Elizabeth Spurgeon; b 1806 in OH
      2 Curtis Sparlin; 24 Jan 1826 in Holmes County, OH: d Oct 26, 1898 in Newton County, MO.
         +Judy Blankenship; abt 1832 in McMinn County, TN; d .
           3 Isom Sparlin
           3 Andrew Sparlin: b. Dec 23, 1865 Newton County, Mo.; d. Oct 29, 1928, Joplin, Jasper, Missouri.
              +Ida Holmes: b. Jun 6, 1868, Illinois; d. Apr 4, 1942, Seneca Newton, Mo.
           3 Tennessee Sparlin
           3 John W. Sparlin: b. abt 1850, Missouri
           3 Cynthia Sparlin: b. abt 1852, Missouri
           3 Martha Sparlin: b. abt 1855, Missouri
           3 Deliliah Sparlin: b. abt 1858, Missouri
      2 Hiram Sparlin; b abt 1832 in Missouri
      2 Joseph Sparlin; b abt 1835 in Missouri
      2 Luke Sparlin; b. Apr 7, 1837, Newton Co., Mo; d. Dec 25, 168, Newton Co., Mo.
         + Sarah Meyers
      2 Marion Sparlin; b abt 1839 in Missouri
      2 Martha Sparlin; b abt 1842 in Missouri
      2 Festus Sparlin; b abt 1845 in Missouri
         Euenella Elizabeth Peterson
      2 Andrew Sparlin; b 1848 in Missouri
          +Maggie Unknown: b. abt 1865 in Missouri
             3-Maud Sparlin: b. abt 1881, Indian Territory (OK)
             3-Arthur Sparlin: b. abt 1884, Indian Territory (OK)
             3-Jerry H. Sparlin: b. abt 1887, Indian Territory (OK)
             3-Sue Sparlin: b. abt 1890, Indian Territory (OK)
             3-Lou L. Sparlin: b. abt 1894, Indian Territory (OK)
             3-Mary Sparlin: b. abt 1898, Indian Territory (OK)
             3-Bessie Sparlin: b. abt 1902, Indian Territory (OK)
             3-Andrew Sparlin: b. abt 1905, Indian Territory (OK)
   +Mary Myers (second wife of Andrew Sparlin (1805)): b. Apr 1, 1840, Jefferson City, Cole, Mo.; d. May 17, 1916, Seneca, Newton, Mo. 
      2 Emma Sparlin; b. abt 1858 in Missouri
      2 Orrick Sparlin; b. abt 1860 in Missouri
            3 Cecil R. Sparlin: b. Feb 1, 1898, Seneca, Newton, Mo.; d. May 17, 1916, Seneca, Newton, Mo.
      2 VanDorn Sparlin: b. abt 1862, Missouri
      2 Milton Sparlin: b. abt 1864, Arkansas
      2 Stonewall Sparlin: b. abt 1866, Missouri
      2 Annie Sparlin: b. abt 1868, Missouri
      2 Frank Sparlin: b. abt July 1870, Missouri
            3-Florance Sparlin: b. apr 3, 1912, Joplin, Jasper, Mo.: d. Aug 6, 1912, Joplin, Jasper, Mo.
      2 Manford Sparlin: b. Mar 20, 1872, Mo.; d. Oct 5, 1933, Seneca, Newton, Mo.
         +Laura Taylor: b. Jan 21, 1875, Quincy, Illinois; d. Dec 17, 1957, Seneca, Newton, Mo.
      2 Maude Sparlin
      2 Dora Sparlin
      2 Sidney Johnston Sparlin: b. Jan 16, 1875, Seneca, Newton, Mo.; d. Aug 15, 1957, Seneca, Newton, Mo.
        +Euenella Elizabeth Peterson
          3 Naomi Ruth Sparlin, b. Mar 19, 1905, Seneca, Newton, Mo.; d. Jul 12, 2001, Seneca, Newton, Mo.
            +Tom Poor, b. July 23, 1905; d. Mar 1967, Seneca, Newton, Mo.
          3 Esther Arlene Sparlin
          3 Merle Sidney Sparlin
          3 Geraldine Helen Sparlin
    2 Mary E. Sparlin: b. abt 1886
4th Family
1-Noah Gallemore b abt 1790, N.C.
   +Mary --- b. abt 1800, N.C.
     2-Susan Gallemore b. abt 1825, N.C.
       +John Quick, b. abt 1813, N.Y.
         3-Charles Quick b. abt. 1845, Mo.
         3-Mary Ann Quick b. abt. 1847, Mo.
         3-Cornelius Quick b. abt 1849, Mo.
         3-Evangeline Quick b. abt 1854, Mo.
         3-Noah Quick b. abt 1856, Mo.
         3-George Quick b. abt 1859, Mo.
     2-Frederick Gallemore b Mar 29, 1818, N.C. d. Dec 22, 1883, Newton Co., Mo.
       +Lucy Burkhart b. abt 1827 IA
        3-Louisa Gallemore d Jan1, 1900, Newton Co. Mo.
        3-Cynthia Gallemore
        3-Nelson Gallemore
        3-Elijah Gallemore
        3-Margaret Gallemore b. abt 1844 Mo.
        3-George W. Gallemore b. Jun 8, 1846, Seneca, Newton Co., Mo. d. Jun 11, 1918, Seneca, Newton Co., Mo.
        3-John Gallemore b. Feb 11, 1850, d. May 26, 1909, Newton Co., MO.
        3-Jane Gallemore b abt 1851, Mo.
        3-Jacob Douglas Gallemore b. Apr 20, 1854, Mo d. May 6, 1936, Seneca, Newton Co., Mo.
          +Statira A. ---- b. abt 1858, Ill. m. abt 1878.
            4-Bobbie Gallemore b. Jul 24, 1898, d. Mar 7, 1964
              +William Carl Montgomery b. Oct 13, 1891, Indian Territory, m. Apr 2, 1922, Joplin, Jasper Co., Mo, d. Feb 2, 1992
            4-Truman F. Gallemore b. abt Sep 1878, Mo.
            4-Ella May Gallemore b. abt Apr 1882, Mo.
               +Charles Edgar Hottel b. Oct 20, 1993, Mo., m. Nov 3, 1909, Neosho, Newton Co., Mo.
                5-Walter T. Hottel b. Dec 4, 1913, Newton Co., Mo. d. Jul 23, 2008, Joplin, Jasper Co., Mo.
                 +Mary Sargent b. Jun 26, 1916, Mo. d. Jun 17, 1989, Seneca, Newton Co., MO.
                  6-Bob Hottel b. May 18, 1942, Seneca, Newton Co., Mo. d. Jun 26, 2001, Oklahoma
            4-Ida I. Gallemore b. Nov 1886, Mo.
            4-Barton A. Gallemore b. Mar 1892, Mo.
            4-Arthur Gallemore b. abt 1893, Mo.
            4-James G. Gallemore b. abt. 1902, Mo.
        3-William Gallemore b. abt. 1856, Mo.
        3-N.N. Gallemore b. Apr 1860, Mo.
        3-Frances Emily Gallemore b. Aug 9, 1862, Newton Co., Mo. d. Nov 10, 1937, Dayton, Newton Co., Mo.
         +John Patton Buzzard b. Jan 1, 1857, Mo. d. Jun 9, 1934, Joplin, Jasper Co., Mo.
     2-Henry Gallemore b. abt 1862, N.C.
       +Elizabeth--- b. abt 1833, Indiana
        3-Mary Gallemore b. abt 1852, Mo.
        3-William Gallemore b. abt 1854, Mo.
        3-Perry Gallemore b. abt 1856, Mo.
        3-Noah Gallemore b. abt 1858, Mo.
     2-Soloman Gallemore b. Jan 1831, N.C. d. Sep 10, 1889
       +Margaret --- b.abt 1834, TN
        3-Salina Gallemore b. abt 1858, Mo.
        3-John Gallemore b. Dec 1859, Mo.
     2-Catherine Gallemore b. abt 1833, IA
     2-Mary Gallemore b. abt  1836, IA
     2-Sampson Gallemore b. abt 1839, Mo.
     2-Nancy Gallemore b. abt 1841, Mo.
     2-Frances Gallemore b. abt 1841, Mo.
     2-Daniel Gallemore b. abt 1859, Mo.