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Genealogy Today for {Crabtree}

Sampson Crabtree came to Newton County Missouri between 1840 and 1850.  The Humphery County, Tennessee U.S. Census shows Sampson Crabtree with his wife along with a male and a female child under 5 years of age. We find Sampson Crabtree in the 1860 Newton County Missouri U.S. Census with his wife, Ialy 29; son, James 11; daughter, Emeline, 8; daughter, Sarah, 6; son, John, 3; and daughter, Martha, 1. 
Several ancestors of Sampson have been attempting to identify his siblings and his parents without success. Any corrections to this information or any additional information concerning any branch or line of this family would be appreciated. (crabtree@hometowngenealogy.com)

Descendants of Sampson Crabtree

1 Sampson Crabtree b: 10 May 1820 in Humphrey County, Tennessee d: 30 Jul 1863 in Newton County, Missouri

+Jaley Beck b: 1820 in Tennessee d: Unknown

   2 James Haywood Crabtree b: 1839 in Overton County, TN d: 05 Aug 1910 in Newton County, Mo

     +Rhoda M. Severs b: 15 Nov 1844 in Missouri d: 10 Feb 1881 in Newton Co., Mo

      3 Adaline Crabtree b: 18 Jun 1862 d: 05 Jan 1948 in Sale Mem. Hospital, Neosho, Missouri

       +Jesse (Jesby) Siegel Montgomery b: 19 Oct 1861 in Mo d: 04 Apr 1932 in Newton County, MO m: 02 Apr 1882 in at residence of the Justice Of the Peace, Buffalo Twp, Newton County, MO

      3 Mary A. Crabtree b: abt 1863 in Seneca, Newton Co., MO d: 07 Mar 1919 in Seneca, Newton Co., MO

        +Nathaniel Wilson m: 31 Dec 1882 in Seneca, Newton Co., MO

      3 Elizabeth J. Crabtree b: abt 1868

        +William H. Hollis m: 01 Mar 1885 in Seneca, Newton Co., MO

      3 Lewis Branch Crabtree b: 1871 in Seneca MO d: 1948 in Glendora, CA

        +Nora B. Kinnsey m: 03 Dec 1893 in Newton Co., Mo

         4 Walter Crabtree

         4 Lawrence Crabtree

         4 Ethyl Crabtree

      3 Eliza E. Crabtree b: abt 1873 

        +E. Grant Ragan m: 17 Oct 1891 in Newton Co., Mo

         4 Laura Ragan

        +William Edward Rogers b: 26 Apr 1874 m: 09 Jul 1897 in Newton County, Mo

      3 Carlotta P. Crabtree b: abt 1876

      3 John A. Crabtree b: abt 1879

        +Emma Crabtree m: 19 Nov 1899 in Newton Co., Mo

      3 Ima Crabtree b: Unknown

        +? Heidrick

    *2nd Wife of James Haywood Crabtree:

      +Milissa Tennesse Wilson b: 1847 d: 1930 in Newton Co., Mo

        3 Peter Crabtree b: 17 Sep 1883

           4 Earl Crabtree

      3 James Chester Crabtree b: 24 Apr 1885


        4 Earnest Crabtree b: 03 Sep 1911 d: 30 Dec 1971 in Seneca, Newton Co., MO

        4 Basil Crabtree b: 19 Apr 1916 d: 1982

        4 James Chester Crabtree II b: 29 Apr 1921

        4 Elizabeth Ann Crabtree b: 27 Mar 1929

    3 William Crabtree b: 05 Jul 1887

  2 Emaline Crabtree b: 1841 in Tennessee

    +Levi Wilson b: 1828 in TN

  2 Sarah Crabtree b: 1844 in Arkansas

  2 John Wesley Crabtree b: 1847 in Missouri

  2 Martha Ann Crabtree b: 1849 in Missouri

  2 Ellen Crabtree b: 1857 in Missouri

Adaline Crabtree & Great-Grandsons

Sampson Crabtree:
According to a Civil War Company Muster Roll, Sampson served in Company M, 8 Reg't Mo. State Militia Cav.
The Muster Roll for May, June 1863 has the following remarks:  A brave and loyal citizen of Newton Co., Mo., employed by Capt. Burch as guid, was killed in an engagement with the enemy May the 16" 1863. Signed J.B. Taylor, Copyist.

Memories and Stories

James Haywood Crabtree served in the U.S. Cavalry during the Civil War, G Company, 15th Regiment, Missouri Cavalry Volunteers from Nov. 1, 1863 till he was discharged on July 1, 1865 at Springfield, Missouri when his term of 20 months expired.  In his discharge papers he is described as being 5'10 1/2" tall, fair complexion, hazel eyes and dark hair and occupation, a farmer.

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