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The Early Families of Newton County Missouri

Some families know a great deal about their roots; others know very little. I hope this story is an encouragement to some who have been searching for their family history without success. I have started and stopped many times during the past 13 years. I am glad that I did not completely stop looking. 

If you are interested in how my search is progressing, look at the page for Alojsius Micsak. It has been frustrating and fun at the same time. When you have success, you forget the frustration.

My other interest is the families of Newton County, Missouri who lived around Seneca. As the family connections have increased, it has been necessary to expand my search into other counties: Jasper & McDonald, Mo & Ottawa Co., OK.


Newton County was formed from Barry County on December 30, 1838. The county was named after John Newton, a Revolutionary Solider.



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Many families settled in the Seneca Area, west Newton County,  over 170 years ago. There are individuals there today that are descendents from these early settlers.  I have confirmed that I have a common ancestor with a large number of the individuals that did live in the Seneca Area and many individuals that are still living there today. 


If you attended school in Seneca, you might be surprised which school mates have an Ancestor in common.  Do you have an Ancestor in common with any of your school mates?  How Many?  Who? 


You might find a connection in these pages. If you don't find a connection on one page, make sure you follow the connecting links to other pages. Click on the name of the individual where their name is underlined and it could take you to a page with Common Ancestors.